Loxone Touch Surface

Client: Loxone — Date: 2021

Briefing   .

Creating a compelling visual narrative for the Loxone Touch Surface posed a unique challenge, given its versatile and nearly invisible nature. Our solution involved crafting a seamless and elegant sequence, highlighting various environments to showcase the product in different conditions. Emphasizing the tactile essence of the Touch Surface, we incorporated a piano-driven soundbed to evoke a sensory experience, ensuring a harmonious blend of visual and auditory elements.

Role   .

Product Visualization

From an aesthetic standpoint, we employed a continuous tracking shot infused with match cuts between diverse environments. The pacing gradually accelerates, culminating in a dynamic sequence that reveals the Touch Surface Logo at the conclusion.


The entire sequence is computer-generated, with the exception of two shots capturing the act of pressing the Touch Surface, which were filmed separately and integrated into the CG segment.

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