Soccer Broadcast Package

Client: ServusTV — Date: 2019

Briefing   .

The objective was to craft a comprehensive soccer graphic package tailored for all broadcasts on the Austrian TV Channel Servus TV. In addition to the essential Opener and Closer elements, the package encompassed a diverse range of infographics essential for effectively visualizing the dynamic processes of the game. This endeavor resulted in a versatile and visually engaging design solution for enhancing the overall broadcast experience.

Team   .

Animation Reel

To avoid clashing with the diverse team logos, the graphics adopt a monochromatic palette of black and white, with soccer green serving as a striking accent color. Drawing inspiration from the strategic contrast in chess, where opposing sides are represented by black and white, this design approach not only ensures harmony with team branding but also adds a layer of visual sophistication reminiscent of a strategic game. The deliberate use of this color scheme enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a distinctive and refined visual identity.


The visual language seamlessly incorporates both the pentagonal and hexagonal forms reminiscent of the classic soccer ball, creating a dynamic and versatile design aesthetic. This intentional fusion of geometric shapes adds depth and complexity to the overall visual narrative, capturing the essence of the sport in a unique and compelling way. Through the strategic use of these iconic elements, the design achieves a harmonious balance that not only pays homage to the traditional soccer ball but also infuses a modern and sophisticated touch into the visual identity.


On the infographics side, essential classic elements such as lower thirds, score graphics, penalty shootout visuals, bumper designs, and lineup presentations were seamlessly integrated. These foundational components not only enhance the overall visual appeal but also contribute to a cohesive and polished design language.

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