Rigid Body &
Particle Simulations

Personal Project

Objective   .

A collection of personal projects to dive deeper into rigid body and particle simulations. The latest Cinema 4D 2024 update brought significant improvements to rigid body simulations, seamlessly integrating them into the new simulation network alongside cloth, soft body, and pyro simulations. I still rely on X-Particles, especially with its boosted Nexus GPU System, when it comes to more complex particle simulations. Particles and simulations in general have been a favorite interest of mine since the beginning, and I'm committed to staying updated and continuously pushing my skills in this area.

Tools   .

Trying to push the limits of the new Cinema 4D 2024 Rigid Body System - 36.000 Obejcts in this Animation were no problem and simulated quite fast.


Particle Blossoms

Breaking digital wood and viewers expectations.

Draft for the entrance animation screen at the Experience Zone on the Loxone Campus.

More rigid bodys and also a little bit of a modelling exercise.

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