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My name is Rainer Rossgoderer, a Motion Designer based in Germany, born in 1981. Around 2003 i started my journey with Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photography and Film. One of my first 3D projects enabled me to begin studying MultiMediaArt at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg in 2004. Those years were a blast, meeting cool folks, and pulling off some wild projects together.

Post-university, i joined the just arising Red Bull Media House in Salzburg. Working the first year as a Video Editor, I recognized the need for a Motion Graphic Design Department, becoming the inaugural in-house Motion Designer in this rapidly expanding company. Over the next 11 years, I contributed to diverse projects, ranging from Broadcast Corporate Designs for Red Bull TV and Servus TV, Openers and Infographicpackages for Shows like Red Bull X-Fighters, Red Bull BC One, Red Bull World Run, Designs for TV Studios, Directing Movie Sets, Big Screen Animations for Icehockey Arenas, Miniature Animations for TV Idents and much more. In my final four years, i worked as Senior Manager Motiongraphicdesigner.

In 2020, I returned to Germany and redirected my focus toward a new passion - Product Visualization. I started at a fresh but fastly expanding electronic company specialised in smart home and building automation, called Loxone. I played a pivotal role in elevating the brand's marketing through Motion Design. I was more than happy diving deeper into the field of Product Visualization and intensify working  with Cinema 4D and Redshift.

Motion Design isn't just a 9-to-5 for me – it's my passion. I'm always hungry to stay in the loop on what's buzzing in the industry, constantly soaking up new techniques, and honing my skills in the areas I already know. It's not about the paycheck; it's about the thrill of pushing boundaries and making every project better than the last.

Throughout my journey, my primary tools have included Maxon Cinema 4D (with Octane and Redshift Render), along with plugins like X-Particles, Turbulence FD, and Realflow. Adobe After Effects has been my go-to for 2D and compositing, while Davinci Resolve has been instrumental in color grading.